Long Road Home

Long Road Home

When Long Road Home was formed by Justin Hoffenberg and Martin Gilmore in 2005, they struggled with defining the band's personality and style. While other young bands often moved away from bluegrass, then found themselves moving toward it. Attracted to its power, simplicity, and honesty, they focused all the more on staying true to the tradition they found inspiring and meaningful. They could wear suits on stage without obscuring their personality, and they could sound their best on stage without using technology foreign to the genre.


The lineup has gone through a couple changes over the years, as often happens, but the spirit of the band has always remained the same. Still featuring Martin Gilmore (guitar), Justin Hoffenberg (fiddle), Pete Wernick (banjo), Jordan Ramsey (mandolin), and now with Ian Haegle on bass, Long Road Home continues to champion the music that they love to represent. Each year you see more bands qualifying their brand of bluegrass with an adjective: "hard driving bluegrass", "progressive bluegrass", and many others. These five musicians are proud to just call themselves bluegrass.


-Adapted from Justin Hoffenberg's notes in Long Road Home's 2013 release, Headed Back to Dixieland

Martin Gilmore Guitar

Martin's Website

Martin co-founded Long Road Home in 2005 along with Justin. While his guitar playing and singing skills are obvious to audiences, many aren't aware of Martin's propensity towards songwriting. Though writing since a very young age, Martin claims his first real presentable song was written at age 18. Many of his songs are featured in Long Road Home, but are crafted in such an honest and thoughtful manner that many assume they are old traditional songs.

Justin Hoffenberg Fiddle

Justin's Website

As one of the two co-founders of Long Road Home, Justin acts as the band's manager as well as fiddle player. Justin grew up playing classical violin before shifting his focus to bluegrass full time. While you may recognize him from appearances with numerous groups around Colorado, Justin has made Long Road Home his main project for the past number of years.

Pete Wernick Banjo

Pete's Website

A man who needs no introduction in the bluegrass world, Pete's reputation precedes him everywhere the band appears. A founding member of Hot Rize, and former president of the International Bluegrass Music Association, he is as important to bluegrass for his leadership as he is for his banjo playing. In addition to the history of bluegrass, Pete is also greatly involved in the future of the music. He hosts many banjo and jam camps around the world and has a roster of teachers hosting camps using "The Wernick Method".

Jordan Ramsey Mandolin

Jordan's Website

Hailing from Johnson City, Tennessee, Jordan is the band's only truly southern representative. A former student of East Tennessee State University, Jordan excelled as the mandolin player and lead singer in the Pride Band, the top group from a school renowned for its bluegrass program. He is one of the world's authorities on traditional mandolin playing, a master of Jesse McReynold's "cross picking" style, and author of a brand new book of transcriptions of David Peters' mandolin playing.


Long Road Home

Live at eTown Hall

A lush recording of the three-night concert. Recorded live at eTown Hall in downtown Boulder, Colorado, May 25-27, 2009.

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